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CCLCS Portvisory Program


Part Portfolio, Part Advisory, “Portvisory” is a program that all CCLCS students participate in during their time at the school.


Portfolio: Students create a binder to encapsulate their three years at the school. Includes a yearly “About Me,” goals for each term, example school work, and reflections on projects, assessments, field trips, events, etc. Students display their portfolios with a 3 year reflection at end of 8th grade

Advisory: A monthly conversation or activity centered around a school wide advisory theme for the month.


The portfolio program seeks to instill the practice of self-reflection and foster personal growth in our students. Through guided reflection and goal setting students at CCLCS not only strive for academic growth, but work to find purpose, meaning and a personal connection to the rigorous academics they undertake. By the end of 8th grade, students have a better sense of themselves as a person, a student and a citizen of our world.


Links to Monthly Slides/ Advisory Topics

September 2018 - Welcome to Port-Visory!

October 2018 - Fall Community Wrap Up

December 2018 - Giving back - Reach Out and Read

January 2019 - Goal Setting

February 2019 - Gratitude

March 2019 - Reflecting on Goals

May 2019 - Looking Back at the Year

September 2019 - Welcome to Port-Visory

October 2019 - This is Me

November 2019 - Gratitude

January 2020 - Goal Setting     Why Struggle Is Essential for the Brain — and Our Lives

Conference Presentation Slides

Port-Visory: Integrating Advisory, Reflections and Portfolios into a Middle School

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