We strive to integrate technology into our curriculum, and while we believe that computers are very valuable educational tools, we recognize that technology is a tool.

The CCLCS local area network connects over 350 school-owned computing devices to the Internet. with the majority of Chromebooks. 


This year (2018-19) were implemented an "In-School" 1:1 Chromebook Initiative for CCLCS students.

Currently our school has 12 homeroom classroom Chromebook carts, a MacAir cart and two laptop cabinets. Each student was assigned a Chromebook from the cart in their homeroom. The students are carrying the laptops to classes during the school day. At the end of the day, the students put their laptop back into the homeroom cart and plug it in so it charges overnight.


Several concerns were addressed by implementing a 1:1 laptop initiative:

  1. We already had enough laptops to assign one to each student; however they were not spread fairly.

  2. Student account's have more privacy as no one else should be using a student’s laptop.

  3. Students can set up their laptops such as bookmarks, extensions, etc. to help them organize.

  4. GoGuardian filtering is guaranteed to be installed on all computers.

  5. Removal from/return to the carts only happens twice daily, increasing teaching time.

  6. Students and their parents were required to sign our Responsible Use Policy before using the school's computer equipment. This ensures teachers, students and parents are on the same page with our technology policies.


Each student and staff member has a Google Apps for Education account that includes a school email address, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Classroom.

We post notable information on this website, make assignments and progress available online to students and their parents via Jupiter Ed Grades or Google Classroom, and broadcast phone and email messages to families from Notify. All teachers and students have a Jupiter Ed account and GMail addresses, which facilitates easy communication between student and teacher.

Long-Range Tech Plan

Long Range Tech Plan

Responsible User Policy

Responsible User Policy