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Our STEAM Projects


The goal of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) is to “foster the true innovation that comes with combining the mind of a scientist or technologist with that of an artist or designer.” – Rhode Island School of Design


At CCLCS we feel that ideally a STEAM project will incorporate at least three of the disciplines, one of which must be science or technology. By connecting these areas, students become creative, inventive thinkers, who ask questions, solve problems and produce outcomes.


Students engage in STEAM projects in the classroom and may choose 8-week seminar courses in the fall, winter and spring. The list below highlights some of our projects and courses. We are continuously adding to our STEAM curriculum.


Math in My World - STEAM
Scale of Universe - SAM
Body Biology project - SAM

Bridges - STEM
Body Biology - STAM

Adaptation project - STEA
Earthquake project - STEAM

Egg drop - SEAM
Adaptation Coding project - STA

Mars Design & 3D Printing - STEA

Engineering Mini-Challenges - STEM

Illuminated Manuscripts - STEA
Wampum Belt projects - TEA
Design Your Dream Shoe - SEA
Color Wheel Construction - STA
Body Biology project - SMA
Creative Printmaking - TEA


girls in the trades drilling wood

Girls in the Trades

laptop computer screen

Past and Present Seminars

Amazing Mobiles - SEAM
Dreamweavers - TMA
Bubble Forts - SEM
Engineering Wars - STE
Robotics - STEM
Figure This - STEAM
Museums and Mucking - SAM
CCLCS Design Squad - STEAM
Yearbook - TAM
Total Irresponsible Science - STEM
Giving Winter Warmth - TEM
Bird Houses - STEM
Fashion Design - TEAM
Figure This - STEM

3-part Animal Systems - SAM
Girls in the Trades - STEM (partnered with Cape Cod Technical High School)

Kids creating a bubble fort

Lunar Bubble Seminar



The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

Jr. Tech

Cape Cod Regional STEM Network

Chathan Marconi Maritime Center

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