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March Forth Alumni Giving Day

CCLCS has been open since September 1995, serving thousands of Cape Cod Students since its inception.


In 2024, it takes a lot of money to operate a school: staff salaries, school supplies, field trip expenses, etc. As most of you know, charter schools in Massachusetts are also responsible for paying their building costs out of their operating budget. Our school has always prided itself for doing more with less, filling the halls of our strip mall / movie theater school with innovating and passionate programming.

Please join us for the 2nd annual giving day! Huzzah!! 


March Forth (1).png

This is where our alumni come in. On March 4th, we challenge each of our alumni to contribute in a small way. If every charter school alumni donates $10-$20, thousands of dollars would be raised to help our community continue to offer field trips, seminars, extra curricular activities, and more. 


March 4th has always been a special day for CCLCS. A day where, inspired by founder John Stewart, we march forth into the future with enthusiasm, purpose and optimism. Your small donation will help ensure that CCLCS will keep “marching forth” to give all of its students the education they need and deserve. This year, we hope you think back fondly at your time at CCLCS and consider donating. 


Ways to Donate

  • Venmo us! (@cclcs)

  • Donate via Pay Pal 

  • Send cash or check (195 Route 137, East Harwich MA 02645)

  • Stop by and visit! 

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Pay Pal

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