Seminars Overview


Seminars are an integral part of the Lighthouse School philosophy and curriculum. Meeting once a week for 1 1/2 hours a session, seminars are a way for students and teachers to explore in-depth subjects which might not be covered under the traditional parameters of a middle school curriculum. Each term seminar offerings change to reflect both the learning interests of the students as well as the instructional interests of the faculty. Seminars also provide a window of opportunity for community members to act as resource partners and sharing in the education of our local students.


Each term, fifteen to twenty different seminars, in subjects ranging from Mock Trial Competition to Forensic Science to Songwriting, are offered each term, so students are able to explore their own interests in greater depth, or to try out new things that intrigue them.

Reflections are completed by the students at the end of each seminar. Student’s participation is graded weekly, and a letter grade is provided at the end of the term.

2019-20 Winter Seminar

Term 2 Seminar Offerings 

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Seminar Parent Letter -  Winter Seminar

Seminar Grading

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Crafting for Cause

Coding and Creating

Lunar Bubble Forts