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Project Based

Project Based


Human beings learn best from doing, and therefore projects are essential to the academic program at CCLCS. The Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School is best characterized as a “project-rich” school, where projects are interwoven with traditional assessments throughout the year. Traditional assessments prepare students for academic success in the future. The hands-on nature of a project engages students actively in the learning process, providing a “real life” context for academic work and allowing students to demonstrate depth of understanding in a variety of formats including artwork, presentations, performances, presentations and more.








6th Grade

Adaptation Project: During their study of evolution, students create 3D creatures, and explain how their genetic traits and adaptations help keep their species alive.


Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Folktales: When reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon students create their own folktales


Walk for Water: While learning about the water crisis on the Continent of Africa students simultaneously read A Long Walk to Water in ELA and plan a Walk for Water fundraiser, walking laps to raise money to drill a well in South Sudan. 


7th Grade

Math Marketplace: At the conclusion of the 7th grade percent and proportions unit students engage in a classroom marketplace, playing the role of both producer and consumer. As a producer students create a product or service to sell. As a consumer students buy goods using an online program that teaches students to use a debit card and reconcile a checking account. Through this students demonstrate their understanding of proportions, percentages, markups, discounts, taxes and tips.


Mesopotamian Museum Project: While studying Mesopotamia students explore the artifacts we use to learn about ancient civilizations. After studying the culture and technology of the time period students create didactic labels for four museum pieces, describing the size and shape, the location found, what it was used for, why it is significant, and what we can learn from their history, and then pick their favorite to create a replica of!


8th Grade

Local Artifact Project: While studying the birth of our country students seek out local historians in order to research an artifact in their town from the time. They then prepare a presentation about the significance of the artifact, creating visual representations and persuasive essays arguing why their artifact is worthy of grant money.


Civil Rights Ted Talks: While reading To Kill a Mockingbird in ELA students work in a team to research a significant event in the US Civil Rights movement and prepare a TED talk to present to their peers.


CCLCS Projects Presented at National Conferences


Body Biology - National Science Teacher Association

Data Literacy - Integrating Math and Science, National Science Teacher Association

Town Meeting Project - National Council for the Social Studies

The Walk for Water - National Council for the Social Studies

Mesopotamian Museum Project - National Council of the Social Studies

two girls and a boy with their hands in the air showing their science experiment
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