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About Us

Our Mission

Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School seeks to provide a supportive and challenging learning environment for middle school students, where teachers foster intellectual development and academic achievement in an atmosphere that celebrates learning as a lifelong pleasure.

We appreciate and understand middle school-aged students. We enjoy the often undervalued creativity and intellectual potential of this age group. We strive to provide an emotionally safe and supportive community, encouraging students to develop their strengths and risk new growth, while pursuing an academically rigorous curriculum. Wherever possible, students learn through experience, allowing them to be engaged in the process of discovery and to see the practical applications of classroom lessons.

Looking beyond the walls of the classroom, we collaborate with local partners to utilize the unique natural and creative resources on Cape Cod, and reach out to global partners to broaden our cultural understanding and knowledge. Our graduates take with them the values of personal responsibility, consideration for others, respect for the environment, academic integrity, creative expression, and perseverance.

Ratified by the Board of Trustees on 5.18.09

School Origins


Education Reform Act, Purpose of Charter Schools


In 1993, the Massachusetts Legislature passed into law the Education Reform Act, mandating the development of Charter Schools. According to the Education Reform Act, Charter Schools were established to "stimulate the development of innovative programs within public education; to provide opportunities for innovative learning and assessments; to provide parents and students with greater options in choosing schools within and outside their districts; to provide teachers with a vehicle for establishing schools with alternative, innovative methods of educational instruction and school structure and management; to encourage performance-based educational programs; and to hold teachers and school administrators accountable for students' educational outcomes." (M.G.L. Ch. 71, sec. 55, 1993). During school year 1993-94, fourteen charter schools were approved, with the Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School being one of them.

Mission Elements:

  • Personal Responsibility 

  • Consideration for Others 

  • Respect for the Environment 

  • Academic Integrity

  • Creative Expression

photo of a red and white lighthouse
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