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The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is the department that oversees public and charter schools and holds them accountable.

CCLCS on the DESE website


Coordinated Program Reviews
Coordinated Program Reviews Year 2014

Coordinated Program Reviews Year 2008
Coordinated Program Review Year 2002


Renewal Inspection Reports
Renewal Inspection Reports Year 2015 Site Visit

Renewal Inspection Reports Year 2007 Site Visit
Renewal Inspection Reports Year 2004
Renewal Inspection Reports Year 1999


CCLCS Accountability Report  (DESE Website)

CCLCS MCAS Reports (DESE Website)

Laws and Regulations


MGL Chapter 46: An Act Relative To Charter Schools

MGL Chapter 71 § 89: Charter Schools

MGL Chapter 269, §17-18: Hazing

Massachusetts Education Laws & Regulations

Every Student Succeeds Act