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Special Education

Our Commitment

CCLCS is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for all students. Our Special Education Department works closely with families and sending districts to ensure incoming students with disabilities receive programming appropriate to their needs. CCLCS is required to follow the same state and federal special education laws and regulations as all public schools. 


The services offered at CCLCS are similar to those offered by traditional public schools. 

They include, but are not limited to:

  • special education teachers and assistants at each grade level

  • a speech/language therapist

  • an occupational therapist

  • a school psychologist

  • a literacy instructor

  • a full-time school nurse

Parent Resources


Parents Notice of Procedural Safeguards - English and Translated Versions


Massachusetts Referral, Evaluation, and Eligibility Determination Guidance



What is a SEPAC? 

Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (SEPACs) are a part of every Massachusetts school district’s special education program. SEPACs have tremendous potential to have a positive impact on special education programs in a school. SEPACs can provide invaluable resources for parents and add an important voice to a school’s dialogue and decision-making. 

Who may join?

The CCLCS SEPAC is open to all parents/guardians of students with special needs and any other interested parties. 


What does the CCLCS SEPAC do? 

  • We help the school organize expert speakers, workshops and other information sessions for both parents and staff. 

  • We act as an informal support network for parents and families. In the past, SEPAC members have held monthly early morning coffee discussions. 

  • We meet with CCLCS school leaders to provide feedback and input toward continual improvement of special education programs and services. 


SEPAC Meeting Schedule 2023-2024

  • Tuesday, December 5, 2023, 6 PM; Parents' Rights in Special Education (held remotely) 


SEPAC Officer: President - Erin Orcutt


SEPAC Meeting announcements are posted in Notes Home and at the school. Remote meeting codes are provided in Notes to Home and upon request. Please contact Jennifer Hyora, Director of Student Services, for details. 

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