Walk for Water

Walk for Water 2020

Walking the Distance, from a Distance


We are happy that our traditional Walk for Water will continue and take place this year.  We might not be able to walk together this year, but we will still be walking as a school community in solidarity to support our global community. This year we are opening up the Walk for Water to the entire CCLCS community, current, and past students. We would love as many people to participate in this annual event to show that even apart, we are together, and when we work together, great things happen. #walkingalonetogether 



Week of June 7- 14.  Choose one day during this week that works best for you. 

What is the Walk for Water?  

We are working to raise money for the organization Water for South Sudan. It is a sponsored walk that will raise money to bring a well to a needy community in South Sudan. This organization will drill and build a well this coming winter for a community that currently does not have access to safe, clean drinking water. 


  • Gather sponsors: To raise money, you are going to ask people to sponsor your walk. 

  • Walk for one hour: During the walk, you are putting yourself in the shoes of people who have to make this difficult walk every day. Click here for some information that will help you engage in this topic with your child. Find a day and time during the week and walk for one straight hour. You, of course, can take breaks, as needed.  

  • Carry water: During the walk, try to carry a gallon or two of water. Remember, we want to understand the burden that so many experience. If you have an old water or milk gallon, you can fill that up. Or, maybe you have a thermos or bucket you can fill and carry. 

  • Be proud: Feel free to get spirited - costume up in obnoxious amounts of blue or perhaps make a homemade t-shirt for the event. 
















What are the goals for Walk for Water?

GOAL #1 : For students to build empathy and understanding of what it must be like for people who have to do this every day. Through this event, we can start to understand the burden when one does not have access to safe, clean drinking water. 

GOAL #2 : For students to make an impact on our global community and to bring clean water closer to people’s homes!

Document your walk!

Take pictures and/or short videos.  We want to know who participates and celebrate their involvement. Send photos/videos to Kathryn Wilkinson at kwilkinson@cclcs.info. We will compile everyone’s pictures and videos, and then send it out for all to see.



Do I have to raise money to take place in the walk?

Fundraising is encouraged, but optional.  We know that everyone is in different circumstances, especially during these times. Our goal is to raise $5,000, enough money to sponsor a well, so if you are able to raise and donate money, that would be fantastic. Any amount helps. But, we would like everyone to participate in the walk regardless of how much they can raise. 


How can I fundraise and where does one donate?

  • Share with family and friends - Tell them about the walk and why we are doing it.  Teach them what you know about water. Don’t be shy!  Speak up and out about what you and your classmates are doing.  Be proud!

  • Come up with a list of possible sponsors. Every person and every dollar will matter!  Email and send them the GoFundMe link. 

  • People can donate through the GoFundMe we set up. We then will write one check to Water for South Sudan. 


The Impact!

This year will be our 8th Walk for Water. In the past seven years, we have raised over $50,000, sponsored 7 wells, and transformed the lives of 7 communities in South Sudan. Let’s continue to show that CCLCS is strong - together or apart - and bring clean water once again to another community in need. Together, we can change lives forever.

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