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Alcohol Awareness Assembly

Assembly Information


Parent Information Packet

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, our 7th & 8th grade students attended a program about alcohol and other drug abuse prevention presented by the Improbable Players, a theater company of young professional actors who are in long-term recovery.  “I’ll Never Do That!” has been welcomed in schools for over 32 years.  It was a light-hearted play with a spectrum of scenes that explore stereotypes and issues about substance abuse and depicts a family and how they deal with drinking in their family.


After the performance, the actors share their own stories and engage in a question/answer session with the audience.  Students are encouraged to talk among themselves and with you, about the issues raised.  The school counselor will announce resources available in the community. 


What you can do to follow-up with your child


You can play an active role in supporting your children through these years when they or their friends may be experimenting with substances.  We would encourage you to use this program as an opportunity to have a conversation about alcohol and drug use in our community. Think about a few issues you may want to discuss regarding alcohol and drug use.  For example, you might:


  1. Ask about their impressions of the program.

  2. Listen to what your child has to say and try to follow his/her lead.  What did they find interesting about the presentation?  What did they find troubling or surprising? (Often students are most interested in the life experiences of the actors.)

  3. Ask them if the program felt relevant to them, given their own experiences.

  4. Take time to discuss your family’s values and rules about drinking and drugs. Does your child know where you stand on these issues, and why?

  5. Discuss the legal and school consequences of underage alcohol use and of drug use. School-based consequences are outlined in the school’s alcohol and drug policy.

  6. If needed, remind your child that there are local resources in addition to those on the list provided (if provided).  Encourage them to contact a guidance counselor, the school adjustment counselor or psychologist, a teacher, a coach, a relative or a religious organization.


From “Real kids are curious about alcohol.  40% have tried it by the time they reach 8th grade.  Talking to your children early and often can make a difference.”



More information about Improbable Players, their plays and workshops can be found at this website

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