Athletic Policies

Athletic Policy


The Lighthouse Charter School states as its mission the intent "to foster intellectual development and academic achievement by providing a school focused upon challenging, interactive, interdisciplinary learning experiences, creating a center for activities involving parents and community members, as well as teachers and students."


The Interscholastic Athletic Program, as its mission, seeks to parallel these ideals by providing the CCLCS student community with an extracurricular environment supportive of the academic programs. The CCLCS athletic program fosters self-discipline, respect for self and others, and ethical competitiveness so as to promote personal responsibility, skill development, physical fitness, moral courage, altruism, as well as an appreciation for team and school spirit. The program operates under the guidance of adult school community members.


School teams compete against other public and private middle schools in a schedule built by the Athletic Director in advance of each season. The school offers interscholastic middle school competition in boys/girls soccer, girls field hockey, boys/girls basketball, baseball and softball.


The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) Middle Level Athletic Committee states that “Interscholastic schedules at the middle level should include all middle level grades within the building.” This is a change in should include all middle level grades within the building.” This is a change in the previous policy of only including two consecutive grades on the interscholastic teams, which excluded 6th graders from participation. In order to accommodate this change we will institute the following procedures:

  • For each sport each season, a limit of the number of participants allowed on the team will be set by school administrators. This number will be determined by the resources (coaches, facilities, transportation) available each season.

  • Seventh and eighth grade students will be allowed to sign up for the team automatically, without the possibility of being cut.

  • Sixth grade students will be eligible for competing for any remaining spots on the team. If more students sign up than the available spots, the coach will need to cut students to reduce the team to the number that can be accommodated.


A fee of $30 is charged per student per sport.


Playing Time Guidelines


Student athletes at CCLCS bring a wide range of abilities and commitment levels to their sports. Some athletes are amongst the elite at their age levels. Other athletes may be trying a sport for the first time. The playing time guidelines outlined here are designed to honor both kinds of athletic team participation. Committed competitive athletes deserve an experience that will hone their skills and keep them on track to meet their larger athletic goals.


Novice team members deserve the chance to experience the many benefits that result from successful participation in school based team sports.


All eligible student athletes have the right to participate equally in practice sessions. Although coaches may at times “split squads” for smaller practice experiences, students of all ability levels should have equal practice time.


All eligible students suiting up for a specific contest are guaranteed to get playing time, but playing time may not be equal. Coaches reserve the right to apportion playing time in a game in response to the flow of the contest. Coaches have the right to set playing rosters that differ from game to game. Coaches should set game rosters in an attempt to balance competitiveness and inclusiveness.


All policies outlined in this section of the Handbook are in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Council.

Academic Requirements


In order to participate on a team, student athletes are expected to maintain strong academic performance. During each sport season and on an ongoing basis, the Executive and/or Associate Director or their designee will review and, when necessary, generate an academic progress report for student athletes using information in JupiterGrades. The reports will include a “Pass”, “Borderline”, or “Fail” score, based on the following criteria:

  • Pass = C average or better in all classes
  • Borderline = D average in one or more classes
  • Fail = F average in one or more classes


Any student athlete who receives a “Fail” must demonstrate academic progress in order to continue to participate. Failure to do so will result in temporary suspension from the team until the grade is raised. Any student athlete who receives two or more “Borderline” grades may be suspended from the team. The suspension will remain in effect until academic progress has been demonstrated.


Any student with an unexcused absence from school on the day of a meet/game may not participate in the competition. Final decision regarding academic eligibility and participation in athletics will be determined by school administration.




Student-athletes are representatives of CCLCS and are expected to maintain proper school behavior at all times. Inappropriate behavior or poor sportsmanship, either in school or at a game or team function, is subject to the disciplinary code in the Student Responsibilities section of the CCLCS Handbook, and may additionally include suspension or dismissal from the team.


Any student who receives community service or other disciplinary action on the day of a game will be held responsible for that consequence.